In English (summary)

What is the meaning of Scientific Expeditions?

The Scientific Expeditions referred to in this site consists in collecting scientific material by foreigners in Brazil, as well as the shipment of this material abroad. Scientific material is classified as any "data, material itself, biological and mineral specimens, parts of the native's present and past culture, with the purpose of scientific studies, research and dissemination", as well as human components, according to the rules of the Ministry of Health.

The Scientific Expeditions are characterized as cooperation activities involving exchanges of knowledge between Brazilian and foreign scientists through their institutions, through scientific research and technological development projects.

This kind of activity depends upon authorization from the Brazilian Government, granted through an Edict issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology. To obtain this authorization, the Brazilian institution responsible for surveying the collection and/or shipment must present to the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development the authorization's application, according to the rules established at the federal laws, including the Decree nº 98.830/1990 and the Ministry of Science and Technology Regulatory Act nº 55/1990. The procedures content in this web site give the necessary steps to be followed.

The foreign counterpart is responsible for the funding of the activities. We emphasize that the CNPq grants and scholarships can not be implemented to finance the Scientific Expeditions. We assume that the scientific Brazilian counterpart can contributes with the necessary support and the institutional infrastructure, including equipment and staff, as pre-established at this collaborative international partnership.